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At Campbelltown Computer Repairs, we love tinkering with computers and understanding what makes them work. We came together over that common passion to provide Macquarie Fields with affordable, convenient tech solutions that allow you to repair, restore, and enjoy your favourite computerized devices.

Whether you need software, hardware, or networking advice and solutions, Campbelltown Computer Repairs has you covered. Stop on by or give us a call, and we’ll help you through any tech problems or concerns you may have.

  • Need expert help with your computer or mobile devices?
  • Campbelltown Computer Repairs has the knowledge and ability to troubleshoot and repair all of your devices problems.


Our Mission

At Campbelltown Computer Repairs, our mission is to provide affordable, convenient tech repair and restoration solutions to help you save money and preserve your favourite devices. We always offer fair, competitive solutions that give you options where other companies force you into huge bills and device insurance policies. We promise satisfying work for all of our customers, no questions asked.

At Campbelltown Computer Repairs, we know computers. Our technicians have expansive knowledge covering personal computers, tablets, phones, iOS, and much more.

We provide a wide array of tech solutions that cover all of your personal devices and your network. We provide timely repairs and tech solutions that leave our customers satisfied.

1) Drop-In with Your Device

If you are in need of repairs to your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, you can start by dropping by or giving us a call today to discuss your various repair options!

2) Leave it in Our Care for Repair

We'll establish a quick time frame that you can expect for your device repairs. Depending on what parts are necessary, you could have your device back same day or at a later date.

3) Enjoy Your Restored Device!

You'll receive your device back as good as new! All of our repairs are guaranteed to work and satisfy your every expectation. If any problems occur later, we'll work to make it right.

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Labour Charge of Associated Repairs

Labour charge per hour of associated repairs, Pricing is based on an hourly rate of work when goods have been dropped off to us to be completed


Onsite Callout Fee

From Connectivity Problems to network security, Virus scanning, Hardware installation, Please feel free to enquire using our quoting system to explain your problems to us, Our charge rate is $100 hour with a callout fee $20


Remote Support

Some software will be installed on your computer to enable this to be viable


Insurance Reports

Need a report for insurance purpose's, we are able to write an extensive report for your insurance claims on your pc/laptop


Custom Builds

Build your own custom computer system with the best technology supplier in Campbelltown

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